Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Hip Hop Music... Yep an 8 Year Old Did This!

Ejay 3 Hip Hop is a very good program. It is easy to learn. All you have to do is click two times on the music pieces down the bottom you hear it. Then you drag it up and you can press play to listen to it. You can also record your voice by pressing the red dot icon.

Check Out My First Hip Hop Track here

You got to try out this awesome program.

We picked it up a EB Games for $10 Australian dollars



Anne said...

Hello Samuel, Your music sounds really cool. Your dad said that you created it all by yourself so I'm thinking that you must be pretty clever.
I am going to show your blog to the students at Wedderburn College next week when I work with them again. We have just started a wiki. You might like to check it out. We haven't got all the kids online yet but the ones that have created their page have added a voki. Check out the other people's blogs on the BLOGS PAGE. Can you see something familiar?

Anonymous said...

Hi Samuel,

I came straight home from school and checked out your blog again, now that I have met you in person - I feel very honoured because I'm a big fan! I love your hip hop - my 3 year old daughter and I are listening to it - she has asked to listen to it again! You have done a great job!

When I was looking around class blogs from around the world I came across a site called - an American site but one that is compiling a list of great kids blogs. I thought you might be interested to check them out, or even submit your own blog to them?

Keep up the good work!

Mrs E