Thursday, September 06, 2007

Code Samuel & Captain Underpants

I love Captain Underpants! In fact, I've read ALL the Captain Underpants books in our library.

Tonight Dad showed me the way to make a Captain Underpants comic using the Captain Underpants Website


Anonymous said...

Adrian and Samuel,
I have really enjoyed this blog, the podcast and all the resources.

Classblogmeister user Robert Sharp

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic little comic Samuel - it made me laugh!
Love Nicky

Anonymous said...

Very funny Samuel! You must be a pretty great reader to have read ALL those books.We look forward to more......
Love Jodes
p.s Have you finished Harry Potter yet?

Anonymous said...

Well done Mr Funnyman!
You must be a good reader to have read ALL those books.Looking forward to a follow up....
Love Jodes

Shelley Westgate said...

Sam loved your comic and all your blogs. I have just read them tonight. You will have to talk to Brock about Captn Underpants as he has read nearly all of them and owns most of them.
From Shelley

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