Saturday, September 15, 2007


Dad and I have been experimenting with a free painting program called Artrage.

Read a bit more about Artrage software and you might like to download it for your kids.


Creative Cassie said...

Hi Samuel,

We love your artrage project! You did a great job with it! We check in to your blog a lot because we love to see what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam
Have been following your work since you were a tiny tacker because your dad is so proud of what you do. He shares it with lots of his friends and teachers he knows.

I keep being amazed at what you can do and I know your work inspires a lot of people to have a go themselves and then teach the children in their classes.
Kepp it up

Barbara in Canberra

Anonymous said...

Patrick will check it out.Great work!

MM said...

Hi Samuel,
I am hoping to introduce blogging to my students at school this year. I am still new at it myself, but you have inspired me to get started!