Monday, January 08, 2007

My Dad and I going to the fire works at Altonville New Years eve (The First time I went to see the Fire Works in my life)!!!!!!

On New Year's Eve Dad & I went to see a band play and see the fireworks to celebrate the New Year. (It was Great )... and the best bit of all was the band. They sounded great and actracted a great big , big (pause...) crowd.

The fireworks were loud and very attractive. I thought the fireworks was absolutly fabuolous!


Anonymous said...

Hi sam It's A Email.

Great blog. I love the photos.

Its interesting that you have never seen fireworks in your life and the first time you did was in Altonville!

Have fun on your blog,
A Email

Anonymous said...

Fireworks.....they are great! I don't know if there is any pictures on the net of the fireworks we seen to bring in the New Year but Dad might let you do a Google search to see the spectacular sky show above the Hindmarsh Bridge near Goolwa, SA. You have some fab pictures that you have blogged Samuel. Keep up the great work! Sender from Goolwa,SA

Chris said...

Hi Sam. I think the fireworks pics you took are great. I think your dads site is fabulous. I have made almost all of the Reading and Maths games with the boys and girls in the school I work in. I hope you are well and please say Hi and Thanks to your Dad for too.

Cheers Mate

Chris Coates
Fyndoune Community College

Sherry said...

Hi Sam, Your pictures of the fireworks are really neat. Our kids see them every year on the 4th of July (Independance Day), It would be too cold in January. But guess what? I bet most of the kids here have never seen the ocean or a palm tree! Tell your dad thank you for the website. It is awesome and will really help me with summer school this year.
Sherry Freeport, Illinois USA