Saturday, December 16, 2006


Today me and my dad went to see Eragon the movie. Below is a picture I made of Eragon calling his dragon on Dad's Wacom tablet. Well enough of that, I'll tell you about a bit of the the story. A seventeen year old boy by the name of Eragon went out hunting for a deer. He did not find a deer he found a dragon's egg a girl was carrying stolen from the evil king. A bad wizard known as a shade caught the girl and looked for the egg but Eragon found it first. Soon a dragon names Saphira hatched and it was so cute.

The scariest bit of the movie was when the Shadow Lord died. The most exciting bit was figering out what was going to come out of the egg. The saddest bit was when the dragon almost died and was injured. I thought the movie was great and here are a few pictures from the film Eragon


Anonymous said...

Hi Samuel,
I enjoyed this book, what agreat adventure. I must admit it did take me a while to finish and now I am starting the second book and it is even thicker then the first.
I have yet to see the movie and will have to get the DVD. I loved the Dragon and could never imagine having a pet or friend like that.