Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hoiliday's in Bellingen

It took my family and I four hours to drive to Bellingen to see the Whites' house. When I arrived I played chess agenst Nicholas. The White family have a very nice neighbourhood. They have a very tall house that has an INCREDIBLE veiw.

I played on Liam's gameboy that was fustrating.

I had a great time in Bellingen.


Anonymous said...

Fireworks.....they are great! I don't know if there is any pictures on the net of the fireworks we seen to bring in the New Year but Dad might let you do a Google search to see the spectacular sky show above the Hindmarsh Bridge near Goolwa, SA. You have some fab pictures that you have blogged Samuel. Keep up the great work! Sender from Goolwa,SA

Anonymous said...

Hi sam It's A Email.

Great blog. I love the photos.

Its interesting that you have never seen fireworks in your life and the first time you did was in Altonville!

Have fun on your blog,
A Email

Anonymous said...

Hi Samuel,
I live near Bellingen and I know the Whites and they're great people! It really is a small world isn't it?
I like your Blog - keep it up 'cos it's interesting to see how a 7 year old views the world.
Have fun!