Friday, August 07, 2009

The First 100 Years - A Puppet Play

Here is a movie my friend Blake and I made using Dad's new Flip Video, a couple of puppets and Movie Maker 2.

Enjoy & make sure you stay around for the bloopers at the end.


Anneticipation said...

I like your jokes. I cannot help but wonder why the names Adolf and Stalin - they seem like such nice animals? Maybe they could change them by deed poll?
Well done!!

Pam Thompson said...

Hi Samuel
Good work with the Flip Video. I think your dad is lucky to have you to try out new tools & software :-)

Robyn said...

Hi There - what a great blog! I work with gifted kids in New Zealand I'm going to recommend they have a look at this blog to see waht they can do. Terrific stuff!

minh said...

Hi Samuel,
I'm working with some kids after school & I'll use your work to turn them on to possibilities.

A well done to Blake & oh yeah say g'day to the Flip guy.


Anonymous said...

Hello Code-Samuel!
I am a teacher from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I teach grade 3 which is about your age group. I'm impressed with how you have spent time creating your own blog, and this flip video. You have inspired me to learn how to do that!
From Tracy Muller

Hiliana said...

My students get to use Sploder at the end of the school year and they enjoy it too.
Just so you know, when I introduce my students to blogging I use your blog as an example!
Great Job!
Ms. Leon
Chicago, IL
PS. My son enjoys your blogg too.

Pat Ruffing said...

I really enjoyed your video. You are a creative young man and I see your parents are encouraging you to explore many areas of technology. Awesome. I am going to post a link to your blog on my class site so my students can enjoy what you have done, and perhaps be encouraged to try more new things on their blogs. Keep up the good work!

@educatoral said...

Hey Samuel,

Hello from Chimacum, Washington in the U.S.! I love your blog! Batman is awesome. And great puppet video! One hundred years of jokes is a funny concept. They must have been tired, they looked it too. Great bloopers, looks like you guys had fun.

MKreul said...

Thanks for sharing your work online. Are you presenting at the conference with your Dad?

I teach 4th graders in Wisconsin, USA and never thought of using puppets to create a video. You have given me a few ideas to use with our new flip video camera. :-)

Ms. Kreul

An Urban Mercy said...

Thank you for all your comments. Best feedback I have had in a long time so I really appreciate it.


Anne Mirtschin said...

What a wonderful and entertaining movie you have put together. Your voices are clear and readily understood, the background is dark which really gives effect to your puppets. Jokes are always sure to get a laugh and the bloopers were great to watch. I am sure you will have lots more fun with the flip video. Keep up the movie making! Hope there are more to come.

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed checking out the blog. It gives me all sortsof ideas of things I can do wit my kids. Congratulations!

MRSA said...

What a great blog Samuel - I am going to show it to my class - they are just about to get individual blogs on the new NSW DET blog learning tool so they are very excited.

plakboek said...

Fantastic clip. I enjoy teaching with puppets in my classroom and enjoy watching how you used them these to tell your story. Well done team!

carolynknz said...

Hello Samuel,
What a great idea to make a puppet show and film it. We have a new Flip Video at our school and I think my students would really enjoy making a puppet film. Thanks for the idea.
Miss Knight
New Zealand

Melanie Hughes said...

Nice one, Samuel (and Blake)!. You always seem to get up to such interesting things Samuel. It's great that you blog about them so other people can try out your ideas and or be inspired to try things for themselves.

Unknown said...

Hi Samuel,
This is great! Keep up the great work.
Erin :)

Unknown said...

Nice work Samuel! Your blog is looking better than ever! I love the bloopers at the end and your work in movie maker - nice touch. :)

Blake Penhey said...

Hey Samuel,
Its great to finally see the video I created with you.
I really love how you've made it looks awesome.
Oh and it would be great to give these guys some credit they are really nice to us.
Anyway we did a great job buddy thanks for inviting me to play the role of the hilarious Cow...
Anyway see ya at school tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Samuel,
I mentor teachers in Jacksonville, Florida and was looking for ideas to share with them on blogging. I will definitely recommend that they check out your blog.

Angelica said...

Hello samuel that was great! can you please explain to me what cup day is, my teacher is wondering?