Monday, August 23, 2010

Video Game Creation Workshop

I'm a big video games fan I started playing video games when I was 3 with Bob the Builder as I've grown up I've played a variety of games such as Zoombinies, Sims and Warcraft. When I was 7 I got a Xbox and was aloud to play half an hour a day playing 'suitable' games. Last year I got a Wii for the whole family and enjoy playing Ogami, Anno and racing games such as Mario Cart.

I began making my own video games last year using Splodder.

After ELH last year we were invited to beta test Atmosphir. We tested the software and offered some advice to the developers. When we found some bugs in the program we let the developers know.

Design Task

Build a 7 platform game that is challenging and entertaining. Make sure you incorporate this traversable network (this is my dad saying these tech words) in your game. For other ideas on teaching video game making you might like to adapt this 'draft' video game making task on Dads.

While getting ready for ELH 2010 we found out about Kodu. This is Microsofts video game making platform which is an attempt to teach basic programming skills. It is WELL WORTH CHECKING OUT. Here is a Kodu video that outlines what it does.

Feel free to explore the software of your choice in the rest of this session.

Don't foget to look for online tutorials and youtube clips to help you out.

Unity 3D is a very nice 3D gamemaking platform. You can make games for Wii and PC. I used a series of youtube tutorials from the Tornado Twins to get started but found it quite frustrating. You have to do a lot work to get a little bit done in the program. I world recommend this software High Schools students.

Music Technology Presentation - ELH Lorne 2010

I've loved music since I was a little bloke. Dad says he used to play me music even before I was born.

I grew up surrounded by instuments that I could just experiment with.

Dad would sometimes take me to concerts like Ash Grunwald, Xavier Rudd & The Cat Empire.

I have a large variety of music on Ipod if you want to have a look.

Hip Hop Ejay was my first experience with digital music. If you play with this sort of software my best piece of advice is to keep all the drums and percussion on the top two tracks, then the bass on the next followed by synth, guitar and voice. This way you can keep track of what's going on in the piece of music.

I would advise you to have a look for some of the older versions of the software on Ebay and Amazon for the best deals. Also, have a variety of different types of music making software in your class, for the different interests of your students.

Recently I've been teaching myself keyboard by watching Youtube tutorials on the Itouch computer while I play along.

If you are teaching primary school I think your Yr 2 students and above would enjoy playing with the Web tool Jam Studio & Looplab. From Yr 3 up they love Ejay.

In the last couple of weeks Dad has bought an Ipad and we've been experimenting with the free app GrooveMaker Free. Feel free to play with our Ipad as well but I don't really see the full pertential of this piece of software.

Where I'm heading

We've recently bought Sonar Home Studio 7 software but we haven't realy explored it yet. The software allows you to insert your voice, put yourself playing instruments and singing into it. Sonar is great for publishing your own albums and to create, record, arrange & edit + you can mix and share to the internet.

The other piece of software I want to explore some time is Synthesia. I haven't tried personally but I've heard lots of good things about it. You have to pay about $20 for it but that's the starter pack.

Have fun playing with any of the software in this session.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Real Photos of Yourself on The Web

Blogging Challenge 2

When do you think it is appropriate for students to use real photos of themselves on their blogs and why?

I think it is appropriate to use a real photo of yourself if you have your parent's permission and you are not identifiable from that picture ie no surname, address etc In other words the picture is 'safe'.

I feel that it is inappropriate to put your photo on your blog if it is silly. Others could use the photo against you by adding it to Twitter or Facebook or something like that.

I have read online about cyber safety and found a few interesting things.

- it mentions keeping a good online reputation by 'avoiding embarrassing photos, videos or postings'.
- The Education Department of Western Australia recommends not giving out personal information with a photo to keep privacy.
- Some schools have parents sign a contract that agrees to having, 'photos and videos of my child being used for purposes thought appropriate by the school on its Internet sites'

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blog Challenge One

Q - Samuel, why do you think people should come to your blog?

A - To learn to think outside the box.

To take 'smart things' and change them into something better than you could ever believe.

And what will you be writing about during the blogging challenge?

I'll post about a range of things to help children develop there minds and learn things.

The posts will be on things they cannot learn anywhere else.

Friday, August 07, 2009

The First 100 Years - A Puppet Play

Here is a movie my friend Blake and I made using Dad's new Flip Video, a couple of puppets and Movie Maker 2.

Enjoy & make sure you stay around for the bloopers at the end.

Video Game Production

Recently Dad asked me to check out 2 game creators one was called Sploder and the other was called Play Crafter. They both had thier ups and downs but when my dad asked me to judge which one was the best I chose Sploder because you could share it online for free and make friends to get up levels to make a group and include your friends. But for Play Crafter you had to pay REAL money to get their fake money. I think Sploder is fun and educational and would recommend it for all kids. Feel free to check out my thrilling new game Abort 28

Let me know what you think

Samuel :)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Haunted Tower

One afternoon Samuel and Miss Wierd were walking down a big trail, looking for kindling for their campfire. The trees were fat and green, and there were colourful wildflowers all around. Samuel and Miss Wierd began to pick the wildflowers, and after a while, they went so far that they had wandered away from the trail.

It started to get dark. Samuel began to get worried, but Miss Wierd seemed excited to have an adventure. “Look!” Miss Wierd said. “Do you see that chair? It looks like a house!”

“We're saved!” cried Samuel, who was relieved.

Once they got closer, Samuel felt very uneasy again. It didn't look like the cozy little cottage Samuel had been imagining, but rather a big, spooky tower! It was about 25 meters tall, and it was covered with chiminy red ivy and moss. It was the creepiest thing Samuel had ever seen!

Samuel said, “Miss Wierd, let's keep walking! There's no way I'm going into that tower! It looks haunted!”

“Don't be such a scardy cat! We're going in. I think it looks perfectly un-haunted!” said Miss Wierd.

Samuel was so scared that he could not open his eyes. He felt his patellas chatter as Miss Wierd opened the door. All of a sudden, Samuel felt that he was not alone. He opened his eyes, prepared to see the worst. But instead, he saw all his friends and family inside the haunted tower! “Surprise! Happy birthday, Samuel!” they all went.

You can make your own whacky stories using this website.