Monday, August 23, 2010

Video Game Creation Workshop

I'm a big video games fan I started playing video games when I was 3 with Bob the Builder as I've grown up I've played a variety of games such as Zoombinies, Sims and Warcraft. When I was 7 I got a Xbox and was aloud to play half an hour a day playing 'suitable' games. Last year I got a Wii for the whole family and enjoy playing Ogami, Anno and racing games such as Mario Cart.

I began making my own video games last year using Splodder.

After ELH last year we were invited to beta test Atmosphir. We tested the software and offered some advice to the developers. When we found some bugs in the program we let the developers know.

Design Task

Build a 7 platform game that is challenging and entertaining. Make sure you incorporate this traversable network (this is my dad saying these tech words) in your game. For other ideas on teaching video game making you might like to adapt this 'draft' video game making task on Dads.

While getting ready for ELH 2010 we found out about Kodu. This is Microsofts video game making platform which is an attempt to teach basic programming skills. It is WELL WORTH CHECKING OUT. Here is a Kodu video that outlines what it does.

Feel free to explore the software of your choice in the rest of this session.

Don't foget to look for online tutorials and youtube clips to help you out.

Unity 3D is a very nice 3D gamemaking platform. You can make games for Wii and PC. I used a series of youtube tutorials from the Tornado Twins to get started but found it quite frustrating. You have to do a lot work to get a little bit done in the program. I world recommend this software High Schools students.