Monday, August 23, 2010

Music Technology Presentation - ELH Lorne 2010

I've loved music since I was a little bloke. Dad says he used to play me music even before I was born.

I grew up surrounded by instuments that I could just experiment with.

Dad would sometimes take me to concerts like Ash Grunwald, Xavier Rudd & The Cat Empire.

I have a large variety of music on Ipod if you want to have a look.

Hip Hop Ejay was my first experience with digital music. If you play with this sort of software my best piece of advice is to keep all the drums and percussion on the top two tracks, then the bass on the next followed by synth, guitar and voice. This way you can keep track of what's going on in the piece of music.

I would advise you to have a look for some of the older versions of the software on Ebay and Amazon for the best deals. Also, have a variety of different types of music making software in your class, for the different interests of your students.

Recently I've been teaching myself keyboard by watching Youtube tutorials on the Itouch computer while I play along.

If you are teaching primary school I think your Yr 2 students and above would enjoy playing with the Web tool Jam Studio & Looplab. From Yr 3 up they love Ejay.

In the last couple of weeks Dad has bought an Ipad and we've been experimenting with the free app GrooveMaker Free. Feel free to play with our Ipad as well but I don't really see the full pertential of this piece of software.

Where I'm heading

We've recently bought Sonar Home Studio 7 software but we haven't realy explored it yet. The software allows you to insert your voice, put yourself playing instruments and singing into it. Sonar is great for publishing your own albums and to create, record, arrange & edit + you can mix and share to the internet.

The other piece of software I want to explore some time is Synthesia. I haven't tried personally but I've heard lots of good things about it. You have to pay about $20 for it but that's the starter pack.

Have fun playing with any of the software in this session.


Unknown said...

Hi Samuel!
I really enjoyed your Digital Music presentation!
You showed a lot of confidence in your demonstration of the software and I think Ejay is a fabulous and reasonably priced package.
I also enjoyed exploring the other Digital Music links on your blog.
Thank you for a fabulous session and I hope you'll be back at ELH in2011!
Lucy :)