Monday, June 01, 2009

Online Graffiti Generator

Graffiti is really great if people use it in an appropriate manner. I have seen lots of graffiti in my life. Mostly it is not very good but there are some however that are good, in ByronBay for example. 

So if you are a graffiti fan or just having a look at graffiti I advise you to check out this website  so what you still doing hear go to the website. 



Bronwen Eady said...

Hi Samuel,

I LOVE Graffiti Generator and I have used it with many classes at school - all kids get a lot from it and it can be interesting to discuss their ideas of design - contrast, detail etc. I hope you have a lot of fun with it!


PS: I loved Night at the museum 2 too!

Angelo said...

I will check out your graffiti generator. AWESOME I like it.

Asharia !! said...

Hi, Samuel!! !! My name is Asharia the H is silent, and I am twelve years old but any who, I live in California and I also have seen a lot of graffiti in my life also. I think graffiti is cool to use too but only for appropriate reasons. Well anyway bye bye i have to go. Peace :]

P.S- comment on my post !!!!! :]