Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Haunted Tower

One afternoon Samuel and Miss Wierd were walking down a big trail, looking for kindling for their campfire. The trees were fat and green, and there were colourful wildflowers all around. Samuel and Miss Wierd began to pick the wildflowers, and after a while, they went so far that they had wandered away from the trail.

It started to get dark. Samuel began to get worried, but Miss Wierd seemed excited to have an adventure. “Look!” Miss Wierd said. “Do you see that chair? It looks like a house!”

“We're saved!” cried Samuel, who was relieved.

Once they got closer, Samuel felt very uneasy again. It didn't look like the cozy little cottage Samuel had been imagining, but rather a big, spooky tower! It was about 25 meters tall, and it was covered with chiminy red ivy and moss. It was the creepiest thing Samuel had ever seen!

Samuel said, “Miss Wierd, let's keep walking! There's no way I'm going into that tower! It looks haunted!”

“Don't be such a scardy cat! We're going in. I think it looks perfectly un-haunted!” said Miss Wierd.

Samuel was so scared that he could not open his eyes. He felt his patellas chatter as Miss Wierd opened the door. All of a sudden, Samuel felt that he was not alone. He opened his eyes, prepared to see the worst. But instead, he saw all his friends and family inside the haunted tower! “Surprise! Happy birthday, Samuel!” they all went.

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