Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Recently I have been reading Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince. It's great I've been reading it for somthing like one month now. It has been so interesting for me. Of course one of my best friends thinks it is just I big bit of paper. I'll show him once I finish that book! At the moment I'm up to the bit where I'm figgering out who the Half Blooded Prince is.

I really really recommend this book.

PS I'm looking forward to the next movie that comes out at the cinema in June. It is called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phonix


'Tenacious E' said...

Hey Sam - it's your cousin Erin from Brisbane here! I love Harry Potter too! This one is a great book too - a bit scary in parts though.

I can't wait for the movie - it's going to be great!

Take care,


Judy Janssen said...

Hi Samuel, I used to teach with your Dad in Sydney. It is just fantastic to hear that you are enjoying the Harry Potter book. I teach in a library and most of the kids there love them too. You sound like you love figuring things out just like Harry Potter.

Mrs Robinson said...


This is such a fantastic book. Harry Potter is a big challenge for a 7 year old. You must love your reading. Did you know we have all of the series in our school library? I can't wait for number 7. I think I will take the day off school to read it when it comes out in July!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Robinson

Anthony Frazer said...

Hey Samuel,

I also used to teach with your Dad in Sydney. I couldn't resist leaving a comment here as we have only just completed "Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince". I won't give away any secrets of the story; needless to say I and my son, William, loved the story. Now we are trying to wait patiently for "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows" to be released in July.

Tell Dad that one day I will stop procrastinating and that he will finally get his Tom Waits & Leonard Cohen CDs.

Take care,

Anthony Frazer

Anonymous said...

Hello there from the USA (Wisconsin) the "Great Lakes" area. I am going to be double digits (10) in April and when I don't read the Harry Potter books, I listen to them on tape! Great Reader! Reads Hermoine correct, since I hadn't heard of it!