Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nim's Island Movie Review

Nim has lived on a remote volcanic island in the Pacific with her marine biologist father Jack since her mother was swallowed up by a whale.

Whilst on an expedition Jack is lost at sea. Nim then tries to contact her storybook hero Alex Rover by email however Nim soon finds out Alex is not who she thinks he is.

Another complication in the story that a crew of men find the island and they don't know that Nim is on that island. They plan to make the island holiday resort.

This movie is great for anyone into adventurous stories. It gets 3 out 5 stars from me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Samuel
This sounds like a great adventure movie.I'm sure Patrick and Thomas would like it.You wrote a very telling review... well done!

Patrick said...

hi Samuel. I like your nims island movie and your whole blog infact. from your cousin pat