Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Samuel Being Funky

Be Funky is a website that I admire because I like drawing. It takes photos and changes into cartoons like this one of me. It is very, very easy to use.

I think people will like it who like drawing so try it out, comment and I'll try something like it again, my thanks to Minh for giving me this site.



Moturoa said...

Hey Samuel,

I am from New Zealand. I liked the cool picture you put in your blog.

Allanah K

CB said...

Hi Samuel -

a) It's cool that you're self-publishing at 9!

b) You write extremely well, and this is a great way to get even better at it;

c) I don't know any of the tools you're sharing, so I'm going to go have a look. Thanks for that :)

jennylu said...

Hey Samuel,

I've used Be Funky to make an avatar that I put on my blog. I had a lot of fun with it too. Good luck with the blogging - I have a 9yr old son too. He likes making these kind of things on the Web too, but he doesn't have a blog (yet!)
Jenny Luca.

Anonymous said...

This is a great picture. You are very creative!

minh said...

What's cool & funky & bubbling with talent & skills?

A ummmmmmm Samuel Bruce!!! ????


Anonymous said...

Hi Samuel,

What a cool blog you've got! Talk about funky! Keep up the good work - I'll come back soon and see what else you've been up to.

see ya!

Lisa Parisi said...

I am from NY in the United States. Thank you for the tip about BeFunky. I tried it out and thought the picture it made of me was pretty funny. My daughter posts her artwork on a site called DeviantArt. You would need your mom or dad's help to get into the site but it's a cool site to learn more about how to draw.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, I can't wait to check it out, it looks very neat. It would be a cool website to connect with comic life, then you'd have realistic comics, ala Alex Ross's art. THanks MR. 9

Anonymous said...

Hi Samuel,
Great blog. Thanks for the links to the cool sites you use! I'm going to add them to my blog somy students can use them, too.
Keep putting great links on your page for us!
Love, Professor McGonagall

RobertDS said...

Hi Samuel,

Our son started drawing at a very young age (5) and now at 33 has his own graphic art business and is a fine art painter.

Keep drawing, keep liking what you do and doing what you like. Keep trying new things to find what else there is that you could like.

As you do these new and likable things, write about them and tell us what they are. It does take time away from doing them but as you get better it will not take as long.

You write very well, just keep at it.
Bob Sharp, Washington State, USA

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the comments all of those Ideas will come to mind and I'll put them on my blog.One of you gave me a link to there blog and I left a comment on it.


csker said...

That's a really neat tool that I'll share with my middle school students next school year. Thanks for sharing!

Joyce P
North Carolina, USA

Melanie Hughes said...

love your portrait samuel and love reading your blog! keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

What a cool site, thanks for the link, just made my own funny avatar! Can't wait to share this with my students:-)

An Urban Mercy said...

Hi Clay,

Self publishing is so easy.I've been doing it since 7yrs teach other people to do it and they will be assured to accomplish more things.

Thanks for the comment on my writing.

Thats all ok

An Urban Mercy said...

this is cool & funky & bubbling with talent & skills

Samuel Bruce!!!

Samuel Bruce is the correct anwser.

Anonymous said...

I like your article!!!!
That is so cool that your only nine and have cool article!!!
I can't beleave you live in Astrallau....I live in Canada...