Monday, December 24, 2007

The Night Santa Came

It was the night before Christmas

everyone had put up their Christmas tree

...and there decorations.

The time was 7:00pm.

I heard the call.

Dad said it was time for bed.

Excitedly crawled into my warm bed.

Slowly I dozed off.

Soon I heard the sound of squelching boots.

They thumped the carpet.

I was terrified.

I went out to catch a glimpse of Santa

All the cookies were gone,

the milk was drank

and there were presents under the tree.

I heard the sound of pulling from the roof

I went outside to see the ladder on the side of the house

the stress started getting louder every step I took closer.

I popped up to see Santa but he did not look like I expected.

I saw all the presents in the slay.

I wanted all of them.

I couldn't help myself, I snatched them all for my family.

Unfortunatley Santa's reindeer had a screech because it was terrified of me.

Santa turned around and I hid in the fat bag looking through all the toys,

looking for the one I could not find.

I was looking, looking, looking...

I got tired and soon after that I was asleep.

Not much later I heard the sound of banging hammers and screw drivers.

I popped up to have a look.

I saw Santa in his workshop but he saw me as well.

I tried to hide, but he all ready saw me.

He thought that I was an elf but then he looked at my ears and noticed they were not pointy.

He asked me were I lived and I replied, “I live on the same roof your slay got stuck on” Santa retorted, 'There are many places that I got stuck last night”.

Well my phone number is... (insert phone number here)

Santa knows all the phone numbers and where that house is so he took me home.

Santa told me to look under the Christmas tree to see what he had left me.

I received all that I wanted.

There was a little note in the bag saying the meaning of Christmas is not about getting but giving there was a little joke at the bottom of the note.

Samuel, you should come to my workshop every year. I'll wake you up but next time, bring a camera to prove to those people who do not believe in Santa that I am real.

Oh yeah, and Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

So when my family woke up I told them everything.
At first they said, “Good dream!”

but when I showed them the card with Santa's signature it they believed me.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

Dear Samuel,
The Night Santa Came was funny and I think it was fantastic. Looking forward to reading your next story. When I saw your blog it gave me an idea to make blogging my hobby. The name of my is Blogbending, I just started yesterday. Check it out.

Thanks. Keathan

Unknown said...


Im Iain from new zealand.

I thought this was a great story I really enjoyed it and the humour within the story was very well done. i look forward to anth


Anonymous said...

LovedyourChristmasstory. Sorry my spacebar is spacey.