Sunday, December 02, 2007

Investigating M & M

Tonight my Dad and I opened up a big packet of M & M and counted all of the colours. We did this more easily by counting in tens. We found out looks can be deceiving. I said there would be about 0-100 M & Ms in the packet my dad guessed there would be 200-300. There turned out to be 491.

We also figured out Yellow was the least popular colour and blue was the most common. Dad thought brown would have had the least amount.

We made this graph using this free website.

I wonder if M & M packets in your country are similar?


plakboek said...

Cool graphing website, I need some numbers now to try out and count.

gcasey said...

Wow, I didnt know that there were so many blue.
Thanks for sharing and demonstrating this great graphing program.
Gail Casey
ESL, South Korea

Anonymous said...

That's great news for us blue m&m lovers!Patricks friend recently surveyed adults and children by blindfolding them and getting them to taste 3 types of tim tams - dark choc,regular and caramel.They had to vote on their favourite. He found that the most popular was dark choc tim tams for adults and children!I wonder if you could try that and see if your results are similar....Love Jodes