Friday, November 10, 2006

Welcome to Samuel's World

Dear World,

My name's Samuel.B and I'm 7 and I am a blogger. Welcome too my website. I'm an Australian and I live in a small town that's great.

Here I have a few photos of us at a wild life park.

My baby sister Emily loved too pat the kangaroo and I did too. She over reacted a little and something made her upset but she was brave and wasn't really upset.


Anonymous said...

Hi Samuel, I really enjoyed seeing your photo's and reading your work. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Hello Samuel, You have some good stuff on "Samuel's world" Great work. P.s. I don't know why your sister was upset.If I was Skippy I would be pretty upset. Who wants a kid to sit on you?

Nicky said...

Hi Samuel, what a cool blog! think it's about time I learn my times tables (I am 31 after all!)so I might try that game out. That big reptile in the photo looks a bit scary - I'm suprised Emily wasn't scared of that instead of a cute little roo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Samuel,
I loved visiting your "World." I'm very impressed. Thanks for the cool links.

Anonymous said...

Hi Samuel,

I hadn't really thought about blogging before. But now I've seen you do it, I think I can make one too.

I loved your pics.

I'll write again when I've made my own blog.