Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Software Review - Chessmaster 10

One of my favorite thinking games is chess. Chess is a great game. Most of my family likes playing chess. I started playing when I was probably about three and a quarter.

A few weeks ago I beat Dad so he bought me Chessmaster 10th edition for $15 so I could play against the laptop. He thinks it will teach us to play better. I'm enjoying the game especially how all the pieces have their own actions eg the king makes silly noises when he moves and when he takes a piece he gets hair like Elvis and a bomb rolls out and blows up the other piece :) and a stick with red sparks on the end and puts it under the other piece and shoots the piece right up into the air and he says 'Hey, hey, hey! HEY!'

I play chess on a big set in our school playground and at the park. I play on middle size sets and against the computer.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog on chess, it is interesting and shares about your experience of the game. Maybe you can tell others about wizard chess on Harry Potter and invite young kids to play chess for fun, adventure or escape from trouble like Harry,Hermine and Ron. Well done my Boy, blogging is fantastic !!! Hey, do you think I could Blog about mum type things i do?